Lesson Horses


AQHA registered Sheza Elegant Page, this Quarterhorse mare with a history in barrel racing is a great addition to our broodmare program. She is currently in foal to our stud colt, Clowd 9 and is due to foal the summer.



AQHA registered NU Songbird Concerto, this bay broodmare is as friendly as she is sweet! She is currently in foal to our stud colt, Clowd 9 and expected to foal this summer.



Erbella is a Dutch Harness Horse, who is currently in foal to Dondersteen. She is registered with KWPN and ADHHA, her foal will be eligible for both. This large gal is the newest addition to the ranch, and shares the same birthday as AKHR owner Lynda!


In Training

Rooster is a grade quarterhorse gelding that came in from Canada with a group of unhandled horses. He is the most friendly of the bunch, and loves a good scratching. He is still in training to be a part of our lesson and trail ride programs.


Lesson Horse

Echo is a tobiano paint with a wonderful personality. She quickly has become a fan favorite amongst the lesson students.



Candy is a registered quarterhorse, and is a beautiful grulla broodmare. She has produced multiple foals for the ranch, including our own Tinkerbell. One of her foals is currently for sale and recently weaned.



Carmallie is a quirky quarterhorse with a big personality! You could consider her the head mare in charge! She is currently in foal to our stallion, Clowd 9.


Lesson Horse

Cashew is an OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) who in her career had earnings of $18,894. Now that she’s retired she is a great lesson horse for intermediate riders interested in both low level jumping and western riding.

Sam & The Man

Draft Team

Sam and The Man are a hefty Percheron duo. They came to the ranch in need of some TLC and have made themselves at home. Coming soon to a carriage near you!


In Training

Sonny is a cute little palamino. This young man arrived this summer and was started under saddle quickly after. He has come a long way in his short amount of time being here.