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Horse leasing is a great option for some riders and may be even better than ownership for others. Leasing can also be a stepping stone towards ownership. Our leasing program is particularly great for riders interested in taking lessons, showing, or just improving their horse experience. All leasing plans include three lessons a month! Three types of leasing plans are available to meet everyone’s needs. If you are not currently taking lessons at Alaska Horse Ranch, an instructor will evaluate your riding skills on a simple ride and match you with your perfect horse.

Leasing plans include:

Use of a leased horse per days as listed below, inclusive of lesson day. Lease times and days to be pre-arranged scheduled in advance with Alaska Horse Ranch. Lease rides are limited to a 1.5 hour per ride on lease days. Three lessons per month are required to lease and are included in all horse leasing plans. Leasing is available on predetermined schooling horses. Alaska Horse Ranch reserves the right to use leased horses for summer camps.

Our leasing plans:

1/4 Lease: $275 per month
Includes three lessons a month (required, a value of $150). In addition, you are allotted four solo rides a month (1.5 hours max each ride).

1/2 Lease: $400 per month
Includes three lessons a month (required, a value of $150). In addition, you are allotted eight solo rides a month (1.5 hours max each ride).

3/4 Lease: $600 per month
Includes three lessons a month (required, a value of $150). In addition, you are allotted twelve solo rides a month (1.5 hours max each ride).

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Horse Leasing Perks

Horse leasing allows additional riding time on a horse or pony that is selected specifically for you or your child’s riding education, budget, and performance goals. It is important to have a compatible mount while the rider is increasing their knowledge, one that is both comfortable and competitive.

Leasing perks include:

Affordability. The number one reason people lease is affordability. Leasing allows you to have access to a horse on a regular basis, but without the expensive hay, vet, farrier, and boarding bills that come with your own horse.

Time. If you would like more time with a horse, but don’t necessarily want more lessons, leasing gives you the one-on-one time you desire. The extra riding time allows you to practice what you learn during your lessons.

Showing. If you are looking to show, once a week lessons may not be enough to get you where you want to be in time. Leasing a horse gives you the extra saddle time necessary to hone your riding skills in time for show season.

Leisure.  Leasing gives you the option to enjoy the horse your way. With 40 acres of riding amenities, from three groomed arenas to two miles of on-site trails, you can explore the world the way it’s meant to be seen… from the back of a horse.

Temporary.  Leasing a horse allows you to change to a more compatible riding partner once your skill level improves. It is also an excellent trial for future horse ownership.

I am Interested In Leasing a Horse
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Leasing Benefits for Teenagers

Horse leasing is an ideal option for teenagers. Your child can spend quality time learning skills that they can carry with them throughout their entire lives. Alaska Horse Ranch is located next to Houston High School and Houston Middle School offering an excellent after school activity.

Benefits of leasing for teenagers include:

  • Teaches responsibility
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Helps them meet new friends
  • Keeps them fit and active
  • Gives them a fun and safe extracurricular or after school activity
  • Don’t have to sell horse if your teen leaves the state for college

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