Employment & Volunteer at the Alaska Horse Ranch

The Alaska Horse Ranch currently has open employment options for the following positions:

Riding Instructor

The main duties of a horse riding instructor involve helping students learn and master specialized riding skills, with an emphasis on assisting students in developing proper technique and form. Instructors also help promote safety for horse and rider.

Horse Trainer

Horse trainers work with horses to prepare them for rider, trail work and/or horse shows. They help horses adapt to wearing saddles and bridles, teach vital riding commands and work with the animals to correct behavioral issues related to abuse or other trauma. Horse trainers are required to have expert riding skills and a thorough knowledge of horse management.

Ranch Hand

A ranch hand is a person who takes care of livestock animals at the ranch. Ranch hands are responsible for keeping horses and other ranch animals healthy, feeding them, and making sure they have water. The primary duty is to assist in the day-to-day operations of the ranch. They should have experience handling horses and/or animal husbandry. They should also be adaptable, enthusiastic, and know ranch equipment and maintenance.


In addition, we always welcome those who wish to volunteer, and offer our volunteers a work to ride program (5 volunteer hours = 1 hour of riding lessons). Before our volunteers enter the work to ride program, they will need proper training on safety and procedures at the Alaska Horse Ranch.

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