Bob (Beabou)

Lesson Horse

Our resident Thoroughbred, Bob, is a 20 year old second level dressage horse that’s made for the rider looking to move up in the levels. With excellent ground manners, quiet demeanor, and an active, willing attitude under saddle, our dressage riders can’t go wrong with this gentleman.


Intermediate lesson horse

Chloie is an intermediate lesson horse. She was born on 4/18/03 and is a haflinger.

Girl Watcher

Intermediate lesson horse

Girl Watcher is an intermediate lesson horse and amazing trail horse. He was born on 4/27/09 and is a Tennessee Walking Horse.

Alaska Horse Ranch Gus

Lesson Horse

A 17 year old sensitive and kind Haflinger that’s a true gentle giant. His willingness charms everyone that rides him. Adults and older children alike look for Gus to help them learn true partnership with a horse.


Lesson Horse

A 6 year old Quarter Horse/Arabian gelding. He’s known for opening gates, untying knots, and basically escaping from anywhere he’s bored. His dapple grey coat and goofy personality are winners with us.


Lesson Horse

Jake is a big, 17 old Haflinger with a pleasant demeanor, and easy walk and trot to learn on for all ages. He loves nothing better than some carrots and a good roll after his lessons.

Alaska Horse Ranch Lady

Lesson Horse

Lady, a Tennessee Walking Horse, is a 9 year old mare has great movement for those looking for a horse with an easy and comfortable gait to ride if the trot isn’t your speed. And her glossy black coat and long mane won’t fail to turn heads.

Alaska Horse Ranch Lyda

Lesson Horse

An adorable and sassy 17 year old Haflinger with a personality bigger than her fluffy mane. She’s a great match for bolder riders looking for a little more speed, but not yet ready to canter.


Lesson Horse

A 26 year old Tennessee Walking Horse who started her working life as a momma broodmare, but has found her home teaching even the youngest riders to love horses with her calm, quiet, and sleepy personality.


Lesson Horse

A 28 year old Arabian mare that’s been giving kids lessons for years. She has a silly personality and knows just what she likes (hint: sugar cubes). From lead lessons to first jumps, she’s the perfect horse for many riders to start off on.

Alaska Horse Ranch Red Cloud
Red Cloud

Lesson Horse

This 16 year old AQHA (quarter horse) mare is the big boss of the barn. This redhead has a lot of things to say and even more to teach our intermediate riders (1+ year riding experience).


Beginner and Intermediate Lesson Horse

Shorty just joined the party recently and is excellent for our beginner riders.


Sugar is all sugar and spice! At 15 years old and 14.2 hh, she’s a perfect size for young hunter/jumpers. She is a forward moving Thoroughbred/POA cross that’s sure to get attention in the show ring.


Lesson Horse

Trigger is an intermediate lesson horse. He was born on 5/1/08 and is a Quarter horse.