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Farm Innovators™ Insulights Flashing Electric Fence Monitor
The patent-pending, flashing LED light indicates that an electric fence is working, which eliminates manually testing the fence. Insulights work on wire, braided wire, and electric tape. Insulights can attach to steel posts, t-posts, and wooden posts.
  • Made in the USA
  • Enhances livestock safety
  • Saves time monitoring fence
  • Deters wild animals
  • Compatible with all fence posts
  • Flash is visible from 1/2 mile in the evening
Recommended Use:
Use one Insulight every 1/4 mile to provide coverage for livestock confinement. Use in gardens as a deterrent to wild animals such as deer, rabbits, and raccons.
Easy Installation:
1) Clamp bracket to metal or T-Post or screw or nail ends into wooden post
2) Run wire through the opening between clamp and LED housing
3) Light flashes automatically with the pulse of electricity


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