Alaska Horse Ranch Pony Rides Wasilla Alaska

Children often want a pony for their birthday, but giving your child the gift of a pony ride is the next best thing! With our reasonable rates, you don’t need to wait for their birthday to give them the wonderful experience of riding a horse or pony. Pony rides are also an excellent introduction to horse riding. It is a great way to see how well your child enjoys riding these big, beautiful animals before you invest in horse riding lessons.

All pony rides are provided on a small horse that is led around the arena by an instructor. We require riders to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. All riders must also wear a helmet, which may be provided if needed. Please plan to arrive 15-minutes prior to the pony ride to complete paperwork.

½ Hour Pony Ride: $35

Benefits of Pony Rides For Children

Horse and pony riding offers many benefits for children. Riding horses can help instill self-confidence, especially for children struggling with low self-esteem or speaking up for themselves. As a result, children may become more confident at school and in their relationships with others. Riding requires children to focus their brain and control their body to communicate effectively with the horse, making it a wonderful exercise for children who have problems concentrating or are easily distracted. Horse riding also reduces anxiety and promotes long-term emotional health in children. Most importantly, horse riding encourages children to have fun and enjoy bonding with the horse or pony.

Book your pony ride today and watch your child’s cares melt away as they benefit from the joy of a pony ride in a matter of minutes!