Owner of the Alaska Horse Ranch

Lynda Plettner is the owner of the Alaska Horse Ranch. At 71 years old, you will still find Lynda riding, training, and working at the ranch 365 days a year.

Beginner Riding Instructor and Horse Trainer

Laura Johnson is a beginner lesson instructor and horse trainer at the Alaska Horse Ranch, and loves to share her knowledge with her calm and encouraging disposition.

Ranch Manager, Trainer, & Trail Guide

Johnna Elkins is the ranch manager at the Alaska Horse Ranch, who’s main focus is to oversee the daily operations of our equine facility, as well as ensuring the health and soundness of all of our horses.

Trainer and Dressage & Jumping Instructor

Anke Knapp spends most of her days at the Alaska Horse Ranch training our dressage horses. She is also an excellent instructor, teaching dressage and jumping lessons to intermediate and advanced riders. 

Trainer & Advanced Riding Instructor

April Cantrell is a trainer and advanced riding instructor focusing on safe, foundational, classically-based and biomechanically-sound training techniques applicable to all disciplines of riding.